Live the Dream with Samuel Adams Utopias (Part I)


Feel the knockout taste of beer with Samuel Adams Utopias. Utopias from the house of Samuel Adams are one of the most expensive beers worldwide and each bottle will cost you $100.

Formerly Utopias was the most expensive beer brand but now Vintage No. 1 has gained popularity as the most expensive one.

Despite its replacement Utopias has continued to be loved by numerous alcohol lovers as it offers a unique flavor that is so tempting and the exclusive ‘copper-plated brew kettle’ having the beer is a real treat to the eyes.

The saccharine savor with a subtle aroma of vanilla, oak and caramel adds to the classiness of the Utopias. This non-carbonated beer tastes the best when served at room temperature.

Usually the Utopias production is limited to 8,000 bottles. Samuel Adams Utopias was launched in 2007. With the most refined natural ingredients, you have 25.6% alcohol content in Utopias.


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