A sip of exotic Chateu Le Pin leaves a silky feel in your mouth


Rich and fruity, Chateu Le Pin has its vineyard extending over 5 acres of area in the middle of Pomerol Plateau in Bordeaux where rich and exclusive varieties of Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes are grown to prepare this exclusive vintage red wine. Its taste and flavor is a bit different from the Bordeaux styles, as this wine is mainly prepared in Australian and Californian styles. Many wine connoisseurs have categorized this wine as an exotic wine of Bordeaux. This wine is a concentration of ripened berries blended with coconut and plum extracts along with citrus flavors. Many wine lovers love its velvety texture and silky feel that a sip of this wine leaves in one’s mouth. With so many fruit flavors, this wine is often considered tropical liquor. A bottle of a vintage 1988 Chateu Le Pin was sold at an amazing price of $4,816 in 2002.

Via www.thewinecellarinsider.com

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