JP Chenet

The Best Selling French Wine in The World

BACKGROUND: On an online forum about life in France, expats are raving about Chenet, so I decided to make this our first official Corktease Review. Chenet is distinctive by its wobbly bottle; it looks like the bottle-maker bent the neck to the right just before the glass had hardened. This is a 2003 Cabernet-Syrah, retails for around $5-7 a bottle in the local market. JP Chenet is a wine from the Pays d’Oc, in the Languedoc-Rousillion region of the South of France. The winemaker recommends it served at 15º to 16º C (approximately 59º Fahrenheit) and paired with red meat or cheese (although I had ravioli marinara and it didn’t complain).
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CORKTEASE FINDINGS: There needs to be a first step to every ladder. This wine is teh first climb up from your table wine. If you didn’t know the price, you would guess it to be a little higher. On the dry-fruity side with a medium plum colour. A bargain for your everyday cellar. You can use a dash of it for you sauce without any guilt. It’s a jeans and t-shirt wine, to have ready for friends that drop by unannounced. A friendly wine, easy on the budget.
We give it 3 corks out 4

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