Celebration of Second World War with Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 1945


In 1995, one 5l bottle of this vintage wine was auctioned at a cost of $31,050 in America which was among the highest amounts paid for a rare wine in recent years. This exclusive wine from France was bottled by the end of Second World War and so the label on this vintage wine bottle reads “The Year of Victory.” Even in 2004, this vintage Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 1945 was nominated as the best wine among 100 wines under the category of ‘wines to try before you die.’ Cabernet Sauvignon variety of grapes are grown in the north western vineyards of Bordeaux to prepare this expensive and highly concentrated wine. The grapes are fermented in oak tubs and later the extracts of ripened berries are treated in freshly made oak barrels to bring out the real taste of this French wine. An amazing deep dark color with a sweet flavor and aroma of eucalyptus, black currants and coffee makes wine lovers crazy for its one sip.

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