“Jews For Jeter” Baseball Shirt: Jewish Fashion Conspiracy

I wasn’t a slave to fashion. But I knew a good T-shirt when I saw one.

Even though I wasn’t a Yankees fan per se, I appreciated the grace and style of their All-Star Shortstop Derek Jeter. You may have seen this shirt in newspapers from San Francisco’s hip and outspoken fashionista — Jewish Fashion Conspiracy because it was so popular.

It featured Hebrew-style lettering on the NY logo on the front and a huge “Jews for Jeter” on the back.

Available in dark blue only, it was $25, for Youth to Large. 2XL & 3XL were two bucks more.

And hey, if you missed out the first time, we recommend keeping those eBay alerts active! You never know when one of these gems will pop up again. So stay tuned and keep those eyes peeled for your chance to snag this iconic tee!

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  1. Betsy Billard says:

    I would love to
    Buy a Jews For Jeter shirt.
    I had one years ago and can’t find it. Would love to replace it. Can you reach out to me ? Thank you,

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