Drive your luxury Bygatti Veyron Super Sports at a speed of 267mph


Set your dreams on the fastest moving wheels and begin your drive in total luxury and pleasure. This is what Bugatti offers to its limited customers who are rich enough to afford a car made by this brand. In 2010, Bugatti has launched another high speed car from its Sports Series, named Bygatti Veyron Super Sports. This is the fastest super speed car which has received a legal license to run on roads. It peaks its speed to 60km/hr within 2.5 seconds. This super sports car can run at an amazing speed of 267mph. This car is a combination of elegance and performance. This is the best creation from this brand and till date, this Bugatti car is the most exclusive and expensive car on earth that runs on the road. If you really have a passion and want to go for a long drive in your luxury car, this is the best choice for you with a price tag of just $2,400,000.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on February 13, 2012 in Shopping

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