Is Burning Man Trying To Go Green? Black Rock, NV

The annual Burning Man Art Festival begins tomorrow in the desert lake bed known as Black Rock, Nevada desert with an art theme: “Hope and Fear: The Future.” An estimated 37,000 people will show up, set up camp, live for a few weeks, then disappear.

Yesterday, encouraged by the green movement, a SF Chronicle article posed a theory from a group of San Francisco scientists who have created “Cooling Man,” an online calculator to determine how many tons of greenhouse gases each of the “burners” — or participants — will produce with their art projects and community camps.

Bringing a smile to environmentalists and Al Gore, too, according to the story, “for the first time, Burning Man participants will be able to ‘offset’ their global warming impact much the same way large corporations do, by investing in clean energy projects.”

Read the story: “Burning Man Goes Green.”

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