Flying To Eliminate Jet Lag: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The worst jet lag I ever experienced was after 1 19-hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles, CA. (In fact, the flight was so long, I arrived before I left because of crossing the International Date Line… but that’s another story.)

So if you’ve ever had jet lag or are a frequent flier, here’s some great news! Boeing will testing a new airliner next summer, the 787 Dreamliner, which is designed to help passengers arrive at their destinations feeling more refreshed, eliminating the problems caused by lighting, pressure, humidity and air quality. “The idea is that we impact the environment within the plane to make changing time zones easier,�? said Mike Sinnett, director of systems for Boeing’s 787.

This dream plane’s:
• Lighting system will mimic the colors of a sunset or sunrise within the cabin to help passengers adjust to the time of day at their destination;
• Windows will be larger to allow better outside views from the middle seats and will be electronically dimmable instead of having blinds;
• Onboard air pressure will be kept at 6,000 feet, instead of 8,000 feet, to give passengers 10% more oxygen and made them less tired, as more humidity is being added;
• Gaseous filtration system will eliminate noxious compounds that Boeing says causes the dryness and fatigue most people feel after a long flight.
Read the New York Times article.

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