Iridium made Zaffiro razor at $100,000 each

This hi-tech and sleek marvel can be seen in a man’s toiletry closet if he is rich enough to pay $100,000 for this shaving accessory. Limited editions of the Zaffiro razor are in the market from the brand luxury house Bright Light Venture. What makes this razor cost so much? This razor is made of a rare element called iridium which is 10 times rarer than the most costly metal on earth – platinum. This element is generally found in meteorites and is used in spacecraft to increase their durability. The entire razor is made of 99.9% original iridium with sapphire shaving blades set on it. The thickness of each blade is a few thousand times thinner than the thickness of one human hair. This is an exotic and timeless collector’s item as only 99 pieces are available; each of these shaving razors is monogrammed to make it a personalized item for each buyer.


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