iPad Supreme Edition – Gold Plated and Diamond Studded Gadget

In the past people noticed Stuart Hughes bestowing the world with his version of luxury gizmos like iPhone 3GS. With this newly launched iPad, it is just a matter of time and the wait is over now. He launched world’s first solid gold and diamond iPad namely the iPad Supreme Edition. This fancy device is offered keeping in mind the luxurious need of the elites.

This device is given supreme royal touch with 53 individually set flawless diamonds on the Apple Logo of the 22-carat gold back of this extravagant gadget. It is created with a single piece of solid gold to form the side and back of the device. The iPad Supreme Edition has features like Wi-Fi, 3G, and 64 GB capacity and is available in just 10 limited editions costing over$188,000 each. The advanced features along with innovative artisanship make it one of the opulent gadgets of the world.

Via: Techshout.com

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