Grand Premiere from the Avantgadre Collection priced at $50,000


House of luxurious and elegant mobile phones, Gresso Company has launched another luxurious mobile phone from their Avantgadre Collection – Grand Premiere for those who really appreciate the true meaning of luxury. This exclusive phone is a combination of expensive metal and precious stones and will give a user an elite look when he or she carries it.

Gold, the ultimate symbol of luxury and wealth, is the main element which has been used to embellish this mobile phone. Apart from 18K gold, Grand Premiere features black and golden yellow sapphires to decorate the surface and screen. The overall weight of this mobile phone is 150 grams but its slim and sleek design with a width of only 12mm makes it one of the best and most expensive phones in its class. The navigation key and the number keys are made of gold, featuring delicate cuts which are usually found only in jewelry. This brand house presented only 30 pieces of this exclusive gadget, each of which are in the market at an exclusive price tag of just $50,000 each.


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