An Eye Catching Enigma in the Form of Garrard’s Heart


The enchanting Garrard’s Heart of the Kingdom Ruby is a real beauty when you want to find that special place in her life. This piece of jewelry costing $14 million is one of the most expensive necklace adorned by a 40.63-carat Burmese heart-shaped ruby set amidst numerous diamonds of approx 155 carats in terms of quality.

Take one look at the blood red shades of the Burmese ruby and you would not be able to take your eyes of this splendid beauty with such magical aura. This magnificent ruby is in fact, a few carats bigger than the usual size of the precious stones.

One such necklace for a wedding gift will always remain the most extraordinary gift and the memories will remain so close to ones heart. This gorgeous necklace is not all about style, elegance and expensive living, it is also a unique piece just like the woman in your life, so special and precious just like her.


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