TV Drehturm: A Skloib Stunner

All of us like decorating our homes with stylish furniture. Some love traditional and antique style furniture while others have a taste for more contemporary styles. If you have a fetish for high-end furniture and want to change the look of your home then check out the latest product by Skloib, the famous Austria based high-end furniture maker.

You may have seen for yourself that Skloib has always come up with ideas that have surprised consumers. So what is the latest and innovative offering for home owners this time? Well it is a fabulous new creation from the same manufacturer that believes in style and functionality. Not only does it look stunning but it is powerful enough to increase the style quotient of your home. This product combines a fireplace and a flat screen TV to form a single unit. The product is known as TV Drehturm and it has 2 sides. One holds the television and audio-video accessories, while the other holds a chic fireplace.


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