Aragawa: No grandiose décor yet it is among the most expensive


No chic decoration, nothing elegant and not even a grand entrance, but when it comes to flavors, the diners will love to be back here again and again. According to Forbes magazine, Aragawa is one of the most costly dining areas on this earth under its humble atmosphere. This simple restaurant is situated in the basement area of a business house in the Shinbashi district of Tokyo. An average meal is $550 per head, and diners can savor the taste of the best delicious items of this basement restaurant. Besides the prices, gourmets will love to concentrate on the variety of eateries and drinks. There is one item here that a diner must try – any juicy and fatty Kobe beef dish, which they will not find in any other corner of the world. Even though your wallet takes a hit, the Kobe beef of Aragawa is well worth it!


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