Holidaying in Style: New York Christmas Scheme by Destination Clubs


Lavish living and extravagant lifestyle has become the signature style when it comes to the services at Destination clubs. The membership fee is a huge lump sum and with additional deposits, you can earn specific vacation packages.

The club members enjoy the best of the luxury facilities including the best food for dining. The lavishing New York Christmas scheme costs approx $600,000 and you enjoy 60 nights of extravagant living in any destination all over USA and the Europe.

The story does not end here as you can spend the best 60 days of the year at your choice of apartment with all sorts of luxury amenities. You get the privilege of selecting from almost 28 such apartments all over the city.

Park Avenue Place apartments or Trump International Hotel & Tower suites is simply an irresistible offer. At Trump International Hotel & Tower, you can enjoy dining at one of the best restaurants in New York.


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