Mobil Hospitality Award for the Wynn, Macau

The lavish Wynn Macau is one among the five luxury hotels in Asia to receive the esteemed Mobil Five Star hospitality award. Just 69 of Mobil Five-Star properties as well as three Mobil Five-star spas throughout the world have received the Mobil Five Star hospitality award. Wynn Macau has been noticed because this hotel has become a very popular international travel destination for the many guests.

The President of Wynn Macau Ian Coughlan said, that earning the Five-Star awards proves the dedication Wynn Macau has towards quality. The recognition was well-deserved and it brought a lot of pride for the dedicated staff. The awards also go to show that that the hotel offers an outstanding guest experience. Guests can experience the hotel’s devotion to quality in every aspect of the resort. That is evident in the magnificent spa, décor, dining, and the dedicated guest service. In the resort, you will notice that every guest is treated with care so that they feel special.

via JustLuxe

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