Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Map: Jumpclaimer.com

What will those electronic geniuses at Google think of next? Now, you can use your mobile phone to map your travel at Jumpclaimer.com.

This Internet tool enables travelers to stick digital pins on a world map so your family and friends can then follow your progress. It’s all done with a simple SMS (Short Message Service) containing the nearest town to you that’s plotted on a Google map.

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  1. Thanks for noticing Jumpclaimer.com. However, just for the record, this isn’t anything to do with Google. Sort of. They do provide the excellent API to incorporate their maps into your website, but I can assure you this SMS mapping has no origin at Google 🙂

    We are just working out the best way to register users, but we are sure we should have it up and running before Christmas. At the moment you can send a ‘test’ text message which will give you a quick example of what it does.

    Once registered of course, you have access to edit and move points.

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