Designer Bonnie Lau Calls It The “Transformer Dress.” I Call It “The World’s Most Amazing Travel Dress!”

Why? Because it easily “transforms” into dozens of completely different looks–many of which are smokin’ hot! And it’s specially sewn, fitted and designed to stay that way, not just an unflattering sarongy piece of cloth, that never fits properly. The only caveat is you have to have a pretty decent body to carry it off.

Lau says, “I was so excited when I finally figured out the pattern for this most FABULOUS dress ever. I decided to call it “The Transformer Dress”!!! It truly is 30 dresses in one (here I’m only showing a few). It could be even be worn as a skirt as well. Super chic and comfy. You could change the look depends on your mood. Really, how fantastic is that! Since they are all handmade from scratch by me, I can pretty much make any size or length with any colour material (Stretchy material).”
Usually they are either polyblend, cotton jersey, or stretchy silk,which in travel talk translates to: NO Wrinkles and even more important, it will still fit after chowing down on the local cuisine.

I was so excited when I found out that the Transformer is priced at only $75.00 that I immediately called up Bonnie and talked her into making some clever gift certificates, and ordered two for presents. Bonnie will then send the recipient receive a gift-card, instructions on how to take all the necessary measurements, choice of colors, and materials. About a week later, they will open their very own “Haute-Couture” made-to-order dress.
Note to clueless men: How cool and easy is that for a gift idea?

Go to their website and click on SHOP.

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