Your Own Private Air Taxi: New York City

If you’re stuck in Manhattan and have to get to the airport faster than a taxi can drive, or if you’re at one New York airport and need to get to another, why not hire your own private air taxi? US Helicopter, a firm with over 30 aircraft nationwide, will launch its private service on March 27 between LGA, JFK and two downtown heliports. Service to Newark is planned, too.

Costing $139 for the 8-minute trip, it sounds expensive. But when you compare it to the $90-$100 fare for a private hire car, which can be inflated as much as 30% by unsavory drivers who tell you one price then jack it up with tolls, fuel, excess passengers, baggage overages and other bs upon arrival, the fare is actually a great deal. Plus, what a coolness factor! When someone asks, “How was your flight?” You can answer, “Which one? The plane or my private chopper?”
T: 704-233-5000
[Via Cool]

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