Experience a Luxury Camp while Visiting Antarctica


If you are willing to have an eco-friendly trip across the globe, choose Kensington Tours and visit Antarctica. It will give you the ultimate experience to be at the edge of the world. When it comes to luxury adventure trip, nothing can be more exciting than being a part this extravagant adventure travel! Kensington Tour offers you a luxurious camp so that you can have a lifetime experience of visiting the awe-inspiring landscape of Antarctica.

The Zero Impact Policy of this camp protects the gorgeous surrounding of Antarctica. You get guidance from some proficient polar explorers who offer you all sorts of amenities you would expect from a refined camp. You are furnished with all modernised equipments in spacious and heated tents of this sustainable camp. You will also get a kitchen, dining room, library and communication area. This renowned camp is set on the peak of an icefall of 200 foot. Through private jets from Cape Town you can visit this camp.

Via: www.thelifeofluxury.com

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  1. You couldn’t get much better than a luxury food hamper from these guys to take on your Antarctic trip. I sent one to my boss for Christmas last year – certainly didn’t do any harm! 🙂

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