OZ Bound? Qualia luxury resort and spa to open on Hamilton Island

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Several years ago, our family spent four nights on Australia’s Hamilton Island to “take a vacation from our vacation” from the rest of the continent.

It was a welcome relief to do nothing but have fun and soak up the sun. Now that there’s a brand new spa opening up on the island, all the more reason for me to return.

Qualia, Australia’s newest luxury resort due to open at summer’s end on Hamilton Island, will feature a full-service spa.

Qualia Spa is perfectly situated to catch the soft breezes and the tranquil views of the Whitsunday Islands.

As with the rest of the resort, Spa Qualia has a distinct Australian look and feel with its use of natural timbers and stone work.

Spa Qualia features six deluxe treatment rooms. Two are dual treatment rooms with private bathrooms, change rooms, sunken Roman baths, outdoor showers and relaxation areas. There are also four single rooms, two of which have outdoor showers.

Guests have access to the steam room, Swiss shower and relaxation areas.

Spa Qualia has been designed to reflect the meaning of the resort’s name: Qualia, “a deeper sensory experience.�?

The spa features two signature treatments that evoke Australia. The first is a hot stone massage called Bularri Yarrul or “warm stone�? in the Kamilaroi language.

The second signature treatment utilizes ten Australian handmade blended essential oils called Anoints. Guests may choose their own special oil blend that is used in the one-hour aromatherapy massage.

The spa’s product lines include Phyts, a French organic skincare product and Eminence, an organic line from Hungary.

Spa Qualia also features the Meditation Pavilion for yoga and meditation. Yoga mats, meditation cushions and shawls are provided for guests who wish to book private time in the pavilion.

Qualia and Spa Qualia are scheduled to open in late August, 2007. Bookings may be made at www.qualia.com.au.

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  1. Hi Sue:

    We stayed at the Hamilton Island Resort 14 years ago when there was just one resort there. It was very nice, but not too upscale at the time. The seaplane trip to the reef was memorable. The food was horrible (ever had cheddar cheese pizza?).


  2. Gil: We were there four years ago? I don’t recall the name of the resort, but our thatched huts were wonderful as were the numerous swimming pools and new restos that had recently opened down on the water. I would describe it as “getting more upscale all the time.” We had some fine meals … and this new resort/spa looks very posh. I’d love to return! Thanks, Sue

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