AC or DC? Keeping Current on Tumi Adaptors

I’ve bought adaptors for various trips to Europe and Down Under. Even different ones for the UK and the continent. Funny thing is, my hotel room at the Marriott County Hall London offered plugs for US devices.

Anyway, fellow blogger Josh Spear is “pleased to finally have found a great solution: Tumi’s Electric Adaptor Kit. The electric adaptor has 4 of the most common adapter configurations in one smart design. This has me covered for 150 countries around the world. I opted for the whole USB Cellphone/PDA kit and I’ve got all my bases covered– USB charging for my phone, and adapters for all the gadgets. Excellent product!”

[Via Josh Spear].

Posted by Gil Zeimer on January 06, 2006 in Travel

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  1. Craig Buchanan
    Craig Buchanan says:

    Did you get a chance to use this charger with the USB-interfaced iPod? If so, did it work?

  2. Pamela Galban
    Pamela Galban says:

    I did NOT try this chartger with the USB_interfaced iPod.
    Thanks for asking,

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