Kiwi Kwik Snacks: Kono Wine, New Zealand

The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. While there, I’ve seen them sticking their tongues out and yelling as a form of self expression.

But they also express themselves with a wonderful food company known as Kono New Zealand that features Wine, Seafood and Spring Water. One of my favorites is the 2004 Kono Sauvignon Blanc, which overflows with crisp, fungent aromas of gooseberry, white peach and pineapple. Sound delicious? It is. Plus, purchases of this wine help develop and educate the Maori community.

Kono New Zealand
A: 72 Trafalgar Street, PO Box 440, Nelson, New Zealand.
T: +64 21 559 322.

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  1. I saw and tried that KONO brand of Mussel in the USA at a Whole Foods store when I was home for the holidays…tasted good…I had the Tomato & Chili flavour. Where else can I find it in the USA…I do not have a Whole Foods store near where I live. Also, where can I find the Kono wine to try? I live in Kansas USA.

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