What’s Your ETA? Check Out FlightAware, ASAP

Want to track a flight for someone arriving in your city?

Curious about the real-time action at airports worldwide?

Meet FlightAware, your go-to app for all things flight tracking.

FlightAware’s proprietory flight arrival time algorithms are combined with a powerful, intuitive and reliable Web-based interface to yield the Internet’s most capable, useful flight tracking application.

Just enter a flight number or airline name for live tracking, or pop in an airport code to see what’s happening right now. FlightAware uses advanced algorithms for the most reliable arrival times, combined with a sleek, user-friendly interface.

FlightAware’s app is available on iOS and Android, so you can track flights on the go.

You can also set up flight alerts for updates on departures, arrivals, and delays, or add their live tracking widgets to your own site or blog.

Handy, right?

For sure… FlightAware seems like it could be a nifty little app to have in your back pocket, whether you’re a frequent flyer yourself, have loved ones constantly on the move, or simply get a kick out of watching those big metal birds soar across the skies.

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