Place where the gods live, Spiti Valley, Kaza


According to the famous writer, Rudyard Kipling, Spiti is “a world within a world” and a “place where the gods live.” This cold desert Spiti is a part of Kaza situated on the western bank of Spiti River. This heavenly region is at a height of 3600 feet on the laps of the Himalayan Range just between Tibet and India where regular guests love to spend their summer breaks while staying at the most luxurious destination of this snow white area, Hotel Spiti, Kaza. The pleasant summer here allows the guests to explore the age old Buddhist monasteries around Kaza, while the cold winter allows guests to do some ice skating. The accommodation in this Himalayan Hotel offers high class services with lavish luxury and comfort in all its rooms so guests can enjoy their intimacy in a cozy and warm atmosphere while enjoying pristine views of the mountainous region with a patch of greenery here and there. All the rooms are artistically decorated which reflects the Buddhist culture of the area.


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