Fright Nights: 10 Ghostly Getaways From

From, here’s a list of 10 Ghostly Getaways — great, stately hotels that are reportedly haunted by past guests (I told them not to order the seafood special) and visitors. Some were famous. Others were not. But they’re all dead and rattling chains to get your attention:

1) Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California — I’ve stayed here but didn’t hear a thing. It’s now called “the world’s creepiest cruise liner” because of drownings, wartime deaths and murder.

2) The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado — (Pictured) After Stephen King stayed here, he wrote The Shining and called it the Overlook Hotel. The original owners supposedly haunt the billiards room, lobby, and fourth floor.

3) Universal Orlando┬« Halloween Horror Nights┬«, Florida — Their 15th annual spook fest offers
haunted houses, intense scare zones, and more. Can you handle it?

4) Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California — There are a handful of ghosts haunting this classy beachfront hotel, which was used for filming Some Like It Hot.

5) The Heathman Hotel, Portland, Oregon — This hotel’s only haunts rooms ending in the numbers “03” by moving water glasses and rearranging chairs.

6) The Historic Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas — Adjacent to the Alamo, this hotel hosts a wide variety of ghouls, both polite, rude, tidy and hungry.

7) Napa River Inn, Napa, California — Here, a whole bunch of ghosts haunt the halls, elevators and cause guests to jump at the slightest noise.

8) The Sagamore, Bolton Landing, New York — Spirit sightings here include a well-dressed gent, a young boy, and a women in white.

9) The Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Colorado — Louise Crawford Hill was a socialite who died here. After she passed, she once called from her former room — though the phone had been removed — to ask that the tours stop. Good trick.

10) The Equinox Resort & Spa, Manchester Village, Vermont— Mary Todd Lincoln and her children visited here in 1863. They’re said to be seen on the third floor even today.

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