Free Travel Software & Alerts: TripStalker

The good news: If you’re fed up with so-called fare alerts or low fare search engines that never find you the fare or flight times you want, I’ve just heard about TripStalker. This free travel booking software runs in the background on your computer, so it constantly queries and stalks various Internet travel sites for the lowest fares. When it finds what you want, it alerts you. So you can get what you want without spending hours searching for it.

The bad news: TripStalker only stalks trip more than seven days away. So if you’re into planning for a flight a week or more away, try it.

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  1. Just found your review of TripStalker – everything you said is spot on EXCEPT you got the bad part opposite. TripStalker only stalks fares MORE than 7 days out.

    Thanks for sharing TripStalker with your audience, we hope we find everyone the best fare for your exact travel criteria!

  2. Hi there:
    Thanks for point out my error. I’ve corrected it and it’s now live above.

    And if you’d like to use a quote from my article from Vagablond on your home page, you have my permission.

    Best regards,

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