Fran’s Smoked Salt Caramels

Ami Kealoha with CoolHunting writes about Fran’s Chocolates:

I’m a fan of all things that mix sweet and salty, so when I first tasted the rising confectionary trend combining chocolate, sea salt, and caramel, I was hooked. Fran’s Chocolates, a company based out of Seattle, just kicked it up a notch with their introduction of a version that utilizes smoked Welsh sea salt. Sweet and complex, the savory punch perfectly compliments the buttery caramel and milk chocolate. And the handmade chocolates took home the 2005 Outstanding Confection Award at the Fancy Food Show this week to boot.

Fran, who was named the best Chocolatier in America by The Book of Chocolate, has a variety of creations available including cakes, bars, sauces and baking products. They are available at, at specialty shops and select retail stores throughout the United States and at Fran’s own retails stores in the Washington area.

Fran also has some great cookbooks available if you’d like to work your own chocolate magic.

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