Fly Through Security With Your Shoes On: SFO International Airport

Yesterday, the A gate at San Francisco International’s Terminal began testing its new state-of-the-art security equipment. It’s not yet screening actual passengers, but hopes to after gaining approval from the Transportation Security Administration.

Designed by GE Security to speed up lines while strengthening security, the equipment will eliminate the need for passengers to remove their jackets, shoes, keys, change, belts, or even their laptop computers from their carry-on luggage. GE’s equipment snaps photos of you in a type of revolving door and takes just a few seconds. Then, you place your feet on two marks that scan your shoes for explosive residue and walk towards your plane.

“We want to get the passenger, from the time they enter the checkpoint, to the time they pick up their (carry-on) luggage, through in 20 seconds,” said Dave Weber, general manager for GE Security’s homeland protection division, based in Newark.

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