French Riviera: A Destination for Luxury

If you want to plan your tour to the breathtaking French Riviera then make sure you arrange it with The LEAD Guide. It gives the details of a very discerning list of some celebrated and remarkable locations such as hotels, art galleries, art villas, restaurants, spas, and more in the French Côte d’Azur.

The guide is published under a non-profit student enterprise and it shares an affiliation with the CERAM Business School in Nice Sophia-Antipolis in France. You can avail the LEAD Guide in the private lounges in the Airports of Côte d’Azur, namely Nice, St Tropez, and Cannes. Exclusive yacht brokers, exceptional golf resorts, car renting agencies, famous luxury real estate agencies, and celebrated limousine rental agencies in the area will also be able to grab hold of the guide. Now you have a reason to smile and a better reason to visit the French Riviera. Start preparing your trip.


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