First Global Pub Crawl :: London, March-April, 2008

Attention all you modern-day Phineas Foggs: The world’s first Around-The-World Pub Crawl will depart from London next March. This planned 25-day trip will stop at 60 pubs in 11 destinations on four continents.

Cities include: London, Düsseldorf, Munich, Maria Alm, Prague, 1 secret location, Queenstown, Rio de Jainero, Cancun, Riykjavic and Ibiza. (NOTE: I’ve quaffed a few pints in four of these locations. Let me know if you’ve hoisted one in more than that!)

Presented by Thirsty Swagman Pty Ltd.

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  1. yeah… it´s Reykjavik…

    that´s all

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