Vado’s Venture with Lavishing Showerheads


A series of five brand new exciting showerheads with lavish fittings have been launched by Vado to turn your head with awe and amazement.

The five new versions of the showerheads featured by Vado are, fixed showerheads, wall mounted showerheads, flush mounted showerheads, and the chromo therapy showerheads.

The specialty about these luxury showerheads is that they utilize the concept of color therapy as the showerheads let off a bursting flow of colored water, which, can be programmed, with the help of remote control pad, which can be fixed to the wall and be removed as per convenience.

The prime intension of using light producing diode or tube is to rejuvenate the mind and infuse the soul with positive feelings. The price range for, round fixed showerhead starts from £2269.00 while the prices for 380mm flush showerhead starts from £2,350.00. Lastly, the prices for 555mm wall mounted showerhead starts from £2269.00.

Via: Lussorian.com

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