Fashion Forward Cool Teens: Harajuku, Tokyo

Gwen Stefani has a hit song called “Harajuku Girls” that sings the praises of a vibrant Tokyo pedestrian street scene featuring eye-popping teens strolling in popular Japanese labels such as Super Lovers, Bathing Ape and Hysteric Glamour. Do I think they look ridiculous? Sure, but I’m not a 15-year-old kid trying to make an individual fashion statement. Say what you will, but these kids are radically different. They’ve now been captured in a book of street fashions — “Fresh Fruits” — by Shoichi Aoiki, a Japanese photographer.

These risky young fashionistas are having a blast by no longer following Western trends. Instead, they’re blazing their own paths to accceptance by combining secondhand clothes, alternative fashions and customized obi, kimono and geta.

Read the whole story titled The “Tokyo A-Go-Go” from the San Francisco Chronicle.

4 Responses to Fashion Forward Cool Teens: Harajuku, Tokyo

  1. Dausike Niwa says:

    Im a fruit..and i live in the states. The Fruits Fashion is spreding fast.

  2. poptart says:

    me and my sister are fruits!! we also live in the states

  3. BJ says:

    i luv the teen scene in japan, their sense of style is ahmazing, i adore it!!

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