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Fantastic Food Rewarded By Michelin Guide: San Francisco

Take a French book, a few famous bridges, a national landmark that travels at 9mph, temperate weather, and hundreds of remarkable restaurants.

What do you get? The promise by the Michelin Restaurant Guide to publish its first ever SF Bay Area book. Michelin introduced New York City as its first American guide last November with only four restaurants receiving its coveted three-star ratings out of 507 reviews.

“It’s wonderful for us in San Francisco,” said Thomas Keller, owner/head chef told Reuters from the kitchen of French Laundry in Napa. “It really says a lot about the quality of the cuisine we have here in Northern California.”

The Michelin people are already hard at work, anonymously dining their way across the SF Bay Area with one American and four European inspectors. The new guide is expected to be published in October.

Read more at cnn.com.

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