Boat journey to Peter Island Resort


The romantic gateway to the British Virgin Islands opens at the Peter Island Resort where guests can enjoy the idyllic setting in the serene atmosphere through its waterways. This elegant outpost on the tropical island bordered by the hills covered by the tropical trees here is a wonderful paradise for those guests who want to enjoy their intimacy in secluded white sandy beaches with twenty isolated coves in a mountainous terrain. The luxury villas, decorated with casual elegance, are attached with a terrace so you can inhale the fresh air of the unspoiled atmosphere. The salty breeze carries the fragrance of the tropical flowers, with the aroma of the coconut trees standing in a row on the marina, and the moon lit majestic beaches. To make the dream of their guests a reality, the extraordinary villas are designed with unique architecture, and are decorated with the finest furnishings to give them an idyllic setting. The Crow’s Nest, Hawk’s Nest and the Raven’s Nest are the villas where luxury and decoration find their true meaning.


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