Fall in love again in the romantic in the air of Turtle Island


The crystal clear turquoise blue ocean water cocoons the marvelous Turtle Island where only 14 couples can pass through the private gateway of this wonderland to enjoy privacy and intimacy on the secluded island, where nature remains untouched by the outer world. The hearts of the guests will be filled by the overwhelming beauty of the swirl of the warm sea breeze carrying the sweet fragrance of the tropical flowers and an array of coconut trees decorating the coastline of the island. Fijian hospitality guides you through the silky soft white sand beaches to the exquisite and luxurious bures, from where the guests can indulge themselves in fabulous lobster parties and drink vintage champagne. Each of the 14 bures is two roomed with a private verandah from where the pristine beauty of nature (including the calm ocean) captivates the mind of the guests. The thatched roofs are hand woven and are arched over the wheat colored walls on mellow wooden floors. The havens are decorated with Fijian handicrafts to create a total island atmosphere maintaining the tradition of the island.

Via www.turtlefiji.com

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