Explore Your Love for Sandwiches with the Expensive Triple-decker Sandwich


Imagine, you are awfully hungry, and suddenly a grand and huge triple decker sandwich is served, solely for you to feast. You would surely love to gorge down the entire sandwich at one go.

The Von Essen Platinum club sandwich having the best chicken, hard-boiled quails’ eggs, ham, and white truffles is one of the most expensive sandwiches exclusively for the ones who simply live to eat and not just eat to live.

The half-dried Italian tomatoes add to the sumptuous and irresistible taste of this sandwich and moreover, the sour dough bread fermented for approx 24 hours makes it weigh at least 530 grams and imagine yourself feasting all along on one such gastronimical wonder. Come to think of it, you will be savoring a gigantic piece worth 2,000 calories and it costs approx $100 to $200 presently.

Sounds like an interesting deal for a teen party or an late brunch party where every one will surely savor the taste of this eye popping life sized sandwich instead of the usual tea and cakes and pastries.

Via: Dailymail

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