Explore the wilderness in the land of mystery and legends at Treetops Lodge and Estate, Rotoura


Nestled in the midst of diverse landscape of the land of mystery and legends, Rotoura, the luxurious Treetops Lodge and Estate is surrounded by native forests and lakes. The secluded area of the lodge is graced with a sanctuary and this total 2,500 acres of spectacular region is completely beautified by untouched nature. The eco and wilderness park houses native wild lives and the heavenly retreat provides easy access for guests to these sanctuaries and parks. The entire private estate reflects a high architectural quality and the styles are derived from the country’s rich history. The retreat is entirely built with timber and stones with bright hues to blend the beauty and simplicity of the natural outdoor with the indoor. There are secluded villas to accommodate the guests in luxury and comfort and the living room of each of these havens opens out to offer magnificent natural vistas of the valley and the surrounding native greenery.

Via www.treetops.co.nz

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