Big Sur’s Post Ranch Inn: A Wonderful Hotel in California

California is full of amazing destinations and if you are looking for a lovely place to stay during your trip then Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur is the right choice for you. As it is located on the cliff, you will be able to look down at the Pacific Ocean. If you are a bird lover then you can also enjoy views of different kinds of birds and their nests.

The new rooms in Post Ranch Inn offer guests with another reason to come here. The rooms offer private cantilevered terraces, outdoor hot tubs, and customized sound systems. Don’t you think they are great?

Among the amenities, you can enjoy three well-landscaped pools, yoga classes, wood-burning fireplaces, guided nature walks, and more. You will find a lot of greenery surrounding the hotel and it also believes in using green products. Thus, the hotel uses biodegradable cleaning products. You can click here to find out the other features.

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