Experience the marine life in a luxurious way at Terranea Resort


Cuddling on the laps of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in California, the Terranea Resort is standing prestigiously amidst the natural beauty. Every room of the resort offers you the outstanding view of the Pacific Ocean with the sound of the crashing waves striking your eardrums. The eight dining lobbies are set in an outdoor location so that you can savor the taste of the food prepared from the on-site grown vegetables and herbs while enjoying the sight of the whales and other marine lives. Moreover, you can experience the adventurous on-site hiking for kilometers, kayaking, biking, and diving while staying at this marvelous resort.

The furniture in the guestrooms is simple but the touch of elegancy turns them to look gorgeous. The marine theme in the spacious bathrooms with the seashell made light holders makes you to feel like having a shower under the nature’s umbrella. The 2325 square meter ultra modern spa with salon and yoga center can make your stay at the resort more relaxing and memorable. The children can also have exclusive time in the swimming pool while the adults can go for a golf play at the resort’s golf course. Therefore, the guests can easily come and enjoy the days here in peace and tranquility in a luxurious lifestyle.

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