You can never be too strong or light when it comes to luggage::IT-0-2

And Landor & Hawa also throws in simple yet sophisticated designer styling at bargain basement prices. What’s not to love?
It all started with their IT-0-1 collection: the lightest upright, wheeled luggage in the world, which you really can lift with only one pinkie finger!
However, the wise folks at L & H (leave it to the practical Brits) felt it was worth adding on a couple of ounces (less than a Big Mac) to create IT-0-2, the second generation of the series.

Still light as a butterfly kiss, the upgrades include larger front zipper pockets (perfectly sized to hold all your travel docs and onboard reading material) and a super-comfy foam covered grab handle, but IT (which stands for International Traveler) still uses their original high-tech polyester and innovative ultra-strong fiberglass structured frame, which can take a licking and keep on traveling, which is why they are comfortable including a 10 year manufacturer guarantee. The corner mounted ball-bearing wheels, connect directly to the body frame, providing smooth, stable, ninja-quiet rolling.

But my perhaps my fave part is that the interior is like a blank canvas, just ready to be filled to the brim with your belongings. Since the trolley tubes are positioned along the side corners-a brilliant maneuver- the bottoms of the IT-0-2 collection remain flat and crease-free.

Constructed of International Traveller’s lightweight aircraft grade fiberglass elements connected directly to the wheel and trolley system giving incredible strength, stability and rigidity
Tested to destruction. Verified in loaded drop tests and independent tests
Upright handle
Smooth rolling wheels
Top carry handle
Two front pockets
Fully lined interior
Roomy main compartment

lighter-than-air luggage
Set includes 17.5″, 20.5″ carry on, 24.5″ and 28.5″ packing cases
Constructed of high-tech polyester and fiberglass
Ultra-strong and built for optimum strength
Light weight packing case
Corner mounted ball-bearing wheels for smooth and stable rolling
Single piece of aluminum trolley system – runs down the sides leaving the bed of the case flat and crease free
Two large front zipper pockets
17.5″ Carry On Dimensions: 17.5″ H x 12.4″ W x 6.7″ D
20.5″ Carry On Dimensions: 21″ H x 14.3″ W x 7.8″ D
24.5″ Packing Case Dimensions: 24.5″ H x 16.3″ W x 8.8″ D
28.5″ Packing Case Dimensions: 28.5″ H x 18.3″ W x 9.8″ D

For sample pricing check out these deals or go to the IT Luggage website.

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