Aldabra tortoise welcomes the guests to the ecological haven, Fregate Island Private


The marvelous Fregate Island Private is located on a tropical island of Seychelles, rather in an ecological haven to the east of Mahe across the row of cliffs in a spectacular natural surrounding encircled with white dazzling sand beaches and a gallery of various rare and endangered birds and animals. The collection of sixteen elegant villas offers guests a shelter full of ambience and tranquility in an unspoiled corner of the earth. The accommodation offers the utmost luxury within a fragile ecosystem where the villas are made of native mahogany and original African Chamfuta Teak wood. Each of the villas is designed so technically that a maximum pristine view of the endless blue India Ocean is available to guests. The Presidential Villa Banyan Hill is the most royal villa which has its own private marina. The indigenous hospitality of the fabulous destination is the warm welcome offered by the giant Aldabra tortoise.


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