Enjoy the Roman Dining in Style at Alberto Ciarla


Alberto Ciarla in Rome boasts of being the restaurant serving fresh and seasoned delicacies. Alberto Ciarla is also one of the most expensive restaurants in Rome.

You can enjoy the princely services and the royal delicacies at Alberto Ciarla for $113 per person. All you need is a fat wallet. This lavishing restaurant offers you at least 6 types of bread while the aspect of fresh products definitely decides what is to be served.

If you are a great foodie then the Fisherman’s Menu is a sure try. Fisherman’s Menu features an astounding 7 courses with tuna fish and linguine, grilled and sliced swordfish including tagliatelle with mussels.

San Cosimato square in old Roman locality of Trastevere boasts of the Alberto Ciarla restaurant offering great gastronomic delights. Alberto Ciarla also tries to provide a rich blend of traditional Roman delicacies with the seafood items transforming them into unique presentations. The Saltimbocca with Sea Bass fillet is one such popular delicacy.

Via: Diningcity.com

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