Individual Shepherd’s Pies

Mashed potato lovers unite. There are fewer dishes more comforting, more scrumptious and easier to make than shepherd’s pie. Shepherd’s pie is one of those nursery food stand-by’s, equally at home in a large, “feed-the-forces” baking dish as in more elegant (and practical) individual casseroles (I love the Emile Henri miniature oven dishes – they’re the perfect size for these and they’re available in so many cheerful colors — they also go straight from freezer to oven without any trouble!).

Shepherd’s pie is also the perfect solution to leftovers – even now, after a family dinner, my mother will use the leftovers to make and freeze a batch of these the next day. If you haven’t got leftovers, you can still make these from scratch just as easily. Try serving them with a carrot soup starter and a side of green vegetables for a simple, tasty and oh so fulfilling weeknight dinner with friends. Follow with a warm bread pudding or a treacle tart – now that’s comfort.

Shepherd’s Pie

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