The Cliff: A Gem of Sentosa Resort & Spa

The Sentosa Resort & Spa located in Singapore is a star attraction because of its fabulous signature restaurant known as The Cliff. What is so delightful about this eatery is that you can feast on the most delicious and contemporary cuisine that has taken its inspiration from the sea.

The location of the restaurant on top of a cliff in the midst of flourishing tropical greenery, is a real soothing sight for the eyes. From this trendy sanctuary to can enjoy a breathtaking view of the South China Sea. After a few moments you will be able to experience a sense of harmony.

Yasuhiro Koichi, the famous Japanese architect is the mastermind behind the beautiful interiors of the restaurant. Therefore you can find a combination of some sensual as well as forceful touches using stone, glass, light, as well as water. Chef Shawn Armstrong fulfills his role brilliantly, preparing a cuisine of innovative and delicious seafood.


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