Enjoy a Delightful Vacation in the Bahamas


Are you planning to visit the Paradise Islands of the Bahamas on your next vacation? The Bridge Suite at the Atlantis offers you an exotic stay in the Bahamas, and is located in the Royal Towers. Do you know why this is called the Bridge suite? This suite fills up the entire space between the two hotel towers.

The suite provides you with 10 big rooms, along with a living room which has a piano, a bedroom and a dining room. Relax and spend your leisure time dancing to the melodious tunes of classical music in the dance room! You will find a luxuriant 22 karat gold chandelier in the dining hall. The wardrobes of the bedrooms are so huge that you can drive a car right through them. You can get all this by paying just $22,000 for a night. The great celebrity – Michael Jackson once spent a night in this extravagant suite.

Via: www.luxist.com

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