Short ferry ride to the magnificent Fisher Island Hotel and Resort


Inspired by the natural beauty of the surrounding Miami Beach, Fisher Island Hotel and Resort is located on the picturesque Fisher Island bounded by an array of swaying coconut trees and mangrove bushes along the Biscayne Bay. The scenic backdrop of the ocean glorifies the beauty of this wonderful retreat in the midst of the talcum white sand beaches. Only ferry boats are used to communicate between the island and Miami Beach. This exclusive beach resort is beautified with its 45 villas and cottages which are scattered over the 216 acre area of the private island. The sense of security and privacy of the guests here is restored in this secluded tropical island setting. The luxurious guestrooms are located in the Vanderbilt Guest House which offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful gardens of the island. The Residences are all set in ocean front locations to pamper guests with the pristine beauty of the endless ocean seen through the mesmerizing garden of the hotel.


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