Elegant Cartier Panther Brooch

Be the cynosure of a gala event by wearing the million dollar Panther Brooch from the House of Cartier. Amazing right? A brooch can cost you $1.1 million. It is an ostentatious way to show off your elegance to the world. This unique panther brooch shows off luxury and opulence. The unusual mix of white gold and platinum makes it more attractive. This piece is embellished with precious gemstones like 102 Cabochon sapphires, 65.9 carat Ceylon sapphire etc. this piece of jewelry is comprised off 868 small pieces of diamonds that total in 16.4 carats and the sapphires equal to 10.7 carats. There are two emeralds also that combine at 1.1 carats. Such a magnificent piece of art is certainly worth its value.

This will certainly catch the attention of people and is one of the reasons to be envy of you. So, what are you thinking off, get a bejeweled evening wear by wearing this beautiful Cartier creation.

Via: Topten.whatitcosts.com

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