Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun! Where to Stay :: San Diego, Ca. Part 1.

If I’m not off traveling in some exotic country, I usually check in with my mom, who lives in Seattle, every morning. For the past month the conversation has gone something like this…

“Hi Mom. How u?”

“Hi Dear. I’m simply freezing to death up here!”

So in an effort to try and thaw her out in the shortest amount of travel time possible, I booked us four nights in gorgeous sunny San Diego. (It got up in the 80’s last week!!!) I couldn’t decide whether I was more in the mood for: a relaxing, resort-y type of hotel, or if I wanted stay downtown right in the heart of all the action, so I decided to try both, which proved to be two…two…two vacations in one!

Our first few days were earmarked for relaxing so we headed to The Dana on Mission Bay. Spectacularly located right on Mission Bay, the breathtaking sunsets (almost 100% guaranteed) were picture perfect. The sunrises weren’t too shabby either. In between, you could watch the rowing teams practice, which was about all the activity we needed. We were perfectly content to plop down by one of the two sparkling pools, order some cocktails, watch the ducks, bask in the rays, and simply unwind. ( In fact, I was so content doing absolutely nothated waaaaaaay at the other side of the hotel we never made it over 😉 since just steps away from our suite was “our” restaurant, The Firefly Restaurant & Bar, which offered tasty California cuisine, with indoor or outdoor seating available. Since our goal here was to relax, I decided to splurge calorie-wise and order the yummy, queen of comfort food: Five Cheese Macaroni, with smoked gouda, gruyere, asiago, fontina, and manchego cheese!

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