Malibu Barbie Would Visit The Re-Opened Getty Villa

What offers free admission but is so popular that you have to reserve tickets for your entry time? The The Getty Villa, which overlooks the cliffs of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean high above L.A.’s Pacific Coast Highway. It officially reopened this week after being closed since 1997 for renovations. Because of its popularity, no tickets are available until this May.

Why is it called The Getty Villa? Because the oil baron once lived there, then it became the J. Paul Getty Museum. Now, it offers a whopping 44,000-piece permanent collection focusing on ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan art. The surrounding hillsides provide four gorgeous sculpture gardens.

My advice: If you’re planning a So. Cal. trip this summer or fall, reserve your tickets now. The Getty Museum is one of my favorite in America or anywhere in the world because of its dramatic hilltop setting, range of treasures and European architecture.


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    More about the Getty Villa plus lots of background info and Malibu photos at a new website called

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